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Holiday Type / Marine Biology Collection

Oceans cover over 70% of the planet's surface and are home to the greatest diversity of plant, animal and microbial life on earth. 

Discover the wonders of marine life at one of Carrier's properties or on a bespoke itinerary. Swim up close with dolphins and gaze at huge populations of whales in Mexico where they gather to socialise, mate and calve. Dive with sharks in South Africa, or learn about the mysteries of the deep from one of the resident marine biologists at our hotels in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.

Take a hands-on approach to marine biology with a visit to a coral nursery or watch turtles hatch and help them on their journey from the sand to the sea. Get up close and personal with the gentle giants of the sea on the Four Seasons Explorer manta ray expedition, suitable for divers and non-divers alike, or dance the night away in the world's first underwater nightclub.